UAV/UAS/Drone Mixer

Post Event Speaker Notes

  • Susan Ustin – Land, Air & Water Resources, FAA Assure program, Industry collaboration to fund innovation in drone technology and applications. Currently focused on safety but other applications are welcome. Contact Susan for the application form and more information.
  • Sean Hogan – UC Ag & Natural Resources Extension program, working on drone application in agriculture. Looking to run workshops to train users. Has forms and information on certification and FAA permitting process.
  • Xiaoguang (Leo) Liu – Electrical and Computer Engineering, drone construction (custom flight controllers) and payload modifications.
  • Ilya Anishchenko – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Designing drone for carrying air sampling payloads in orchards.
  • Zhaodong Kong – Mechanical Engineering, working on collision avoidance and object tracking. Teaching course in drone construction spring quarter
  • Robert Basset – Math, Working on fast mathematical solutions for sensor accuracy/correction (flight positioning sensors). Looking for flight data to work with.
  • Meg Crofoot – Anthropology, Studies animal behavior in field habitat. Tracks movements through canopies and maps foraging habits.
  • Alex Mandel – Env Sci & Policy, Knows low cost kite platforms and IR consumer camera modification.

Also see the following event: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operation Demonstration and Training Session with 3DR


Original Event Announcement

What: A campus mixer about Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Sensor/Drone usage
in research at UC Davis.
Who: All current, future and potential users of Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles/Sensors/ Drones at UC Davis.
Why: Get ideas, trade tips, find collaborators, see technology options,
learn about regulations, and see cool stuff.
When: Friday March 4th, 2-4pm
Where: Hunt 142

More: If you have a current platform and or sensor please sign up to
give a “lightning talk” (5 min/5 Slides or less). Can’t make it? Try to
send someone else from your research group, or send us a slide anyways
that we can share.

Center for Spatial Sciences
Geography Graduate Group

Additional event details available at

Please contact Alex Mandel if you have any questions.