#maptimeDavis – Interactive Maps with R


When: January 30th, 2019
@ 10:00 – 12:00 pm
Location: 360 Shields Library
(DSI Classroom)
Cost: Totally FREE!
Some prior experience (beginner) with R recommended but not required.

Presenters: Alex Mandel, Nistara Randhawa, Ryan Peek, and Mahesh Maskey

About: Heard about using R, or maybe already use R to do spatial data analysis? This workshop adds one more tool to your box; visual data exploration and real time map based interaction with spatial data in R.

We’ll be showing you how to use mapview and leaflet to plot maps in R that allow you to pan, zoom, and click on features, while using background maps from internet sources for up to date context. This is great for data exploration and sharing geographic data with colleagues before you get to making static maps.

How to prepare:

    1. Register for Event.
    2. Bring your own laptop with R and RStudio installed.

#maptimeDavis is brought to you by the UC Davis Library’s Data Management Program & the UC Davis Center for Spatial Sciences with help from several campus clubs and informal learning groups.  Space is generously provided by the Data Science Initiative (DSI).

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