#maptimeDavis – Analyzing Animal Health Spatial-explicit Networks Using R

feb6When: February 6th, 2019
@ 10:00 – 12:00 pm
Location: 360 Shields Library
(DSI Classroom)
Cost: Totally FREE!
Some prior experience (beginner) with R recommended but not required.

Presenters: Beatriz Martinez Lopez, Jose Pablo Gomez & Jerome Baron. (UC Davis Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance (CADMS))

About: In this workshop, we will be using open source tools (R) to generate, visualize and analyze spatial explicit networks with applications for animal health.

We’ll be demonstrating how to generate static and dynamic networks, compute network metrics and statistics. We will also learn how to utilize nodes based on road networks for a realistic scenario simulation of disease spread in production animals. These tools can be applied for a wide range of problems in other fields. Our love for R is contagious!

How to prepare:

    1. Register for Event.
    2. Bring your own laptop with R and RStudio installed.

#maptimeDavis is brought to you by the UC Davis Library’s Data Management Program & the UC Davis Center for Spatial Sciences with help from several campus clubs and informal learning groups.  Space is generously provided by the Data Science Initiative (DSI).

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