#maptimeDavis – Introduction to Python in ArcGIS Pro & ArcGIS R-Bridge

When: June 4th, 2019rbridge
@ 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Location: 1014 Wickson Computer Lab
Cost: Totally FREE!
Prerequisite: Prior Experience with GIS, Python and/or R recommended.
Presenters: Matthew Twietmeyer from ESRI

About: Learn how to use Python and R programming languages with ArcGIS Pro in this workshop. After a short introduction about how ArcGIS integrates with Python and R, we will work through several tutorials together with experts on hand to answer questions.

R-ArcGIS Bridge: You’ll find hotspots of crime and analyze demographic data. Then, you’ll use the R-ArcGIS bridge to transfer the data to R to test theories concerning factors that affect unlawful behavior and  predict areas where higher numbers of crimes are likely to occur.

Python: You will predict seagrass habitats using machine learning tools and spatial analysis habitats using Python and ArcGIS Pro.

R-ArcGIS Bridge: allows users to transfer data back and forth between ArcGIS and R. By harnessing the power of ArcGIS and R, you have access to mapping and modeling tools that will allow you to accomplish your tasks at hand.

Python: allows users to automate and extend tools and workflows in ArcGIS. Python is included with all ArcGIS installations, allows programming interactively with much of the capabilites of ArcGIS, and can be extended with additional python libraries.

Bonus: We have Stickers!

How to prepare:

      1. Register for Event. (space is limited)
      2. Computers with the software are provided.
        1. If you do not have a UC Davis computing account, please register early, or bring your own laptop with the following installed: ArgGIS Pro, R, and R Studio .
      3. (Optional) You can opt to use your own laptop, make sure to install all the software mentioned in the previous item.

#maptimeDavis is brought to you by the UC Davis Library’s Data Management Program & the UC Davis Center for Spatial Sciences with help from several campus clubs and informal learning groups.  Space is generously provided by the Data Science Initiative (DSI).

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