Call for Participation: #maptimeDavis Research Cluster

Call for Participation: #maptimeDavis Research Cluster

The UC Davis DataLab (formerly the Data Science Initiative, DSI) has selected geospatial research as one of the focus areas for a Research Cluster for the 2019-2020 academic year. We’re calling it the #maptimeDavis Research Cluster because we see it as an extension of the #maptimeDavis community already active on the UC Davis campus. 

What is a Research Cluster? A Research Cluster is an interdisciplinary group of researchers of all types (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, post doc, staff, etc.) that meet to learn concepts and methods with an aim towards furthering the research capabilities of the participants. 

What is the focus within the broad topic of geospatial?  The participants in a research cluster collaboratively decide on a topic and any goals.  Previous successful research clusters are working collaboratively on publications and producing a day-long conference.

How to participate:

  1.       Register your interest & contact info here:
  2.       Michele Tobias will coordinate with interested people to find an initial meeting time.
  3.       At the first meeting, we will discuss the interests of the participants, decide on a topic, and draft a plan for moving forward.

Please send questions to Michele Tobias

About micheletobias

I lead two lives - one as an artist and the other as a scientist. More and more I'm finding my two worlds colliding, and it's not the disaster you might expect.

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