The center serves as a central hub for information and accessing a variety of spatial data. We can help you find data, download data, access data that is already on campus, or host big spatial data.

Campus Data

  • Some campus data, like bike parking, trees, buildings, and roads is available openly thanks to the people who make the official campus map.

California Data


  • We have an strategic partnership with the DigitalGlobe Foundation. Campus affiliates may request data, up to 5000 km2 at a time/project for research and education purposes. For full details and instructions for requesting data, see our DigitalGlobe Partnership page.

World Data

  • WorldClim – Global Climate Layers (contact Robert Hijmans)
  • GADM – Global Administrative Boundaries, all levels (contact Robert Hijmans)
  • Planet – High Frequency (days) micro-satellite data (3 and 4 band), Education and Research Program offers a limited amount of free data per month.
  • Sentinel – 10m from European Space Agency [Free]
  • Landsat – 30m from USGS
  • MODIS – 250m from NASA

Hosting Data

Do you have a large spatial data, or common California data set that you want to share? either internally at Davis or with the public? Message us about adding to our growing library of geospatial data. We host it out of the Campus Data Center, and make it easily accessible to campus compute clusters, and other users.