Open Source

The Center for Spatial Sciences is a member of GeoForAll, an international network of institutions that use and teach with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for geospatial.

Software – A list of geospatial FOSS that is developed, contributed to, or used by community members. The best way to reach out for help is via the geospatial mailing list.

  • R: raster, dismo, geosphere, phenomap
  • Desktop: QGIS and GRASS
  • Databases: PostGIS and Spatialite
  • Web Maps: OpenLayers and Leaflet
  • KeckCaves – 3DVisualizer, LidarViewer,  Crusta,  SARndbox. etc…

Courses – A list of courses known to teach geospatial methods with FOSS.

  • ABT 181
  • ABT 182
  • GEO 200CN

Local Expertise – Websites, books, and groups from the campus community.