Below is a list of primary contacts at UC Davis concerning specialized geospatial software. If you just have question about using software or choosing software please see our contact page to get on the geospatial mailing list, slack channel, or schedule a consultation.

Free Software

There is a tradition of using and developing free and open source software at UC Davis. Commonly used software includes QGIS, as well as GRASS, and PostGIS, and with spatial extensions to the generic R and python languages.

R is used a lot in teaching and research, and we have developed on-line tutorials so that you can learn it by yourself.

Several labs are part of the GeoForAll initiative to make sure everyone has access to geospatial tools.

Proprietary Software Licensing

If you have question about paid geospatial software licensing, please use the contacts below. Note: some of the software is ordered through the campus site licensing website.

  • ESRI Products –
    • Students, Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates now have access to licenses paid for by the College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences and the Office of the Provost. See the campus information technology catalog for how to access.
      • ArcMap Desktop Licenses
      • ArcGIS Pro Licenses
        • Enterprise Login-
      • ArcGIS Online Licenses –
    • For everything else contact
      • ArcGIS Server
      • Official support tickets
      • ESRI educational modules
  • ENVI Licensing – Metro IT Chris Derr
  • Pix4d – Zhehan Tang, Taylor Nelsen
  • Photoscan – Derek Young, Carlos Barahona
  • eCognition (Trimble)

Computer Labs

Need a computer lab meant for geospatial software, and possibly already installed? Please see the Informatics Center operated by the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Task Manager

We have an on-campus instance of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap(hotosm) task manager tool. It facilitates tracking edit progress for individual projects with multiple users that are adding data to OSM.


  1. Digitizing buildings in east Africa to use as training data for remote sensing.
  2. Digitizing village buildings and agricultural fields in Nepal for irrigation canal planning.

Visit to see existing projects. If you would like add a project please contact us.


The main library currently operates 1 workstation that contain ArcGIS software, and is open for use. Contact Michele Tobias